Surry Oak Vineyard
Surry Oak Vineyard
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About Us...

Surry Oak Vineyard is a boutique winery with an annual production of less than 300 cases. We grow all of our grapes on site and have plantings of Niagara, Chambourcin, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon. We do not have a tasting room but offer our wines at festivals, through retailers, and at special tastings. Persons may come to the winery to purchase wine after making an appointment. Locations where you may taste our wines are posted on the website and on Facebook.

Our philosophy is to produce the best fruit we can and then let the wine make itself. We offer "A Taste of Place", as our wines express North Carolina's sunlight, soil, wind and rain, to create a unique and pleasurable taste experience. Each varietal or blend carries within it a small piece of our vineyard, as all of our grapes are estate grown.

We strive for sustainable farming practices and only use minimal pesticides when necessary. We practice Integrated Pest Management and utilize, as much as possible, cultural practices to minimize and control unwanted pests.